2018 HWC Board Meetings

  • Second Monday of every month at Pork's
  • 7:30 PM
  • Public meetings - all are welcome!!!

12/14/2016 HWC Board Meeting Notes

Attendees:  Satori, Ellerman, Huza, Skebba, A & J Cleereman, L Cliver, T& M Schuler

> Elections:  Doug Ellerman (Treasurer 2017/2018), Ted Skebba (VP, 2017/2018), T & M Schuler (High School Liason, term begins April 2017)

> Brian Huza (President, up for election in Dec 2017), Chris Satori (secretary, up for election in Dec 2017)

> Open Positions (volunteers needed);  Middle School liason, Concessions, general board meeting participation required

Other Business;

> Current account balance:  $19,500, paid for new competition mat ($8,800), post meeting discussion of opening HWC credit card account for improved fraud protection over current practice of holding/using club debit card.  Discussion and vote on Jan 9 meeting.

> Youth tournament schedule for Feb 12, 2017.  Registration is currently open on Trackwrestling.com, search for "polar"

> Currenly have 72 registered youth wrestlers, 81 registered wrestlers in 2015/2016

> Discussion regarding need for more paid and volunteer coaches.  Need to actively seek more coaching help for all levels of the program to support demonstrated growth and success on/off the mat.

> Youth Night/Parents Night:  January 19th dual

> Discussion of shifting website to SPortNGin in offseason for more integrated on-line experience

> Next meeting:  Monday January 9, 7:30PM @ Pork's

5/9/2016 HWC Board Mtg Notes

Attendees:  D Ellerman, B Huza, T Karcheski, C Satori

> PA System - discussion around purchasing a dedicated PA system for the club, Tyson to research options and costs, this would be useful for youth banquet, youth tournament, youth duals, etc
> Youth Camp - Looking at week of July 26 for camp, need to finalize with Coach G (update, this date is getting dialed in, Chris S to work up a flier and to post on facebook and to update website)
> Coaching Certification - Changes coming for the '16-'17 youth season, we'll need to examine minimum levels of coaching certification and if the club can/should reimburse
> Coaching shirts - Discussion around purchase of a uniform coaches shirt for youth program, it's been 3 years since any coaches shirts have been distributed, Brian to get estimate
> Raffle License - filled in all the blanks, license states that it cannot be re-applied for any earlier than 60 days prior to expiration, which is May 31 (expiration on July 31)
> Blue Mat - Chris S to pick up supplies from MIddle School, Coach G will get mat moved over
> Singlet return - Spotty return at the banquet due to conflicts, need to post return on Facebook to Satori's

Treasurers Report from Doug.

Please get active - we need you!

If you are interested in helping out, please attend a meeting, follow us on Facebook, come to practice!!!

Hortonville Wrestling Club Board Members

President Chris Satori

Vice President Klay Konrad

Secretary Missy Coyle

Treasurer Doug Ellerman

Advisor Brian Huza

High School Liason - Tim Schuler

Middle School Liason - Mike Lesselyong

Concessions - Melinda Quick & Co.



Jenna Aus

Angie Cleereman

Joe Cleereman

James Harris

Jesse J Koch (a.k.a. The Real Jesse Koch)

Tim Jenz

HWC Highlights from 2017-2018 Coming Soon

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