2018-2019 Key Dates & Registration Update

  • Monday, November 26 HWC Youth & Middle School Parents Meeting - HHS Commons (prior to R/W Season Kickoff) @ 6PM - this meeting is for all parents and students from preK through middle school that want to learn more about the club and the season schedule and expectations.
  • Monday, December 3 - HWC Youth 3rd-8th grade practice starts
  • Monday, December 3 - HASD Middle School (6-8th grade) practice starts at Greenville Elementary School, activity bus to pick up at HMS
  • Middle school wrestlers are highly encouraged to join our club practices FOR FREE from December 3 until the start of the Middle School season in January, this will help get an edge for our early season work in January - Middle School wrestlers should register (pay offline, no payment due) on the club registration link below!!!
  • Monday, January 7  HWC Youth pK-2nd Grade Practice Starts
  • Sunday, February 17 Hortonville Youth Wrestling Tournament
  • Saturday, March 16 WWF Youth Regionals
  • Friday, March 22/Saturday, March 23 WWF Youth State
Key Youth Team Events
Key club duals/tournaments/trips still being finalized but here are some key events.  We promote these so that we travel as a large group, which is helpful for coaching and also new wrestling families to "learn the ropes" of a typical youth wrestling tournament.

  • Neenah Youth Wrestling Tournament
  • Freedom Youth Wrestling Invite*
  • Winneconne Youth Wrestling Tournament*
  • Hortonville Youth Wrestling Tournament
  • Badger Dual Bus Trip TBD
  • Mid-Season Team Pizza Night
  • Spring Banquet
* Entry fee included with youth registration.

Youth Practice Overview
  • Registration Is Open!  Youth registration is now open and we are again using SportsEngine for registration, same procedure as the last two years.  We had over 100 youth wrestlers registered in our youth program last year, let's keep the momentum going!!! Please remember that the Hortonville Wresting Club supports all wrestlers in the Hortonville Area School District.  We are also asking all Middle School and High School wrestlers to get registered (please choose the PAY OFFLINE option) so that we can improve our communication and tracking.  Again, no fee for the club for wrestlers in 6-8th grade.  Registration can be accessed at the following link;
  • Open to all girls and boys in the HASD, beginner to expert level of all ages are welcome in all groups.  This includes all boys and girls, from 4k to 12th grade in Hortonville, Greenville and the surrounding areas.  This includes all area public and parochial elementary and middle school programs.
  • Balanced approach of technique, live wrestling, conditioning and games to keep a fun and fast paced environment for learning.
  • Technique covered in youth practice is the same style/technique practiced in all levels of wrestling at HASD, so same philosophy from pK to 12th grade
  • pK-2nd every Monday and Wednesday from 5:45 to 7PM in the HHS "Old Gym"
  • 3rd-5th grades every Monday and Wednesday from 5:45 to 7:15PM in the HHS wrestling room
  • Middle School (6th -8th grade) wrestling is Monday to Friday, 3:30 to 5:00 PM at the Greenville Elementary
  • Practices will run until youth state on Friday March 22 for youth team, again, middle school is welcome to practice or help out with yout
  • Registration is required for all wrestlers in the HASD, no fees for registration are collected from middle school (6th-8th) or high school wrestlers
  • Registration link coming soon
  • Registration fee is $55 per wrestler with a family registration max fee of $120 per family for multiple wrestlers.
  • Uniforms are provided with a $60 deposit
Please send a note to Coach Chris Satori at cksatori@gmail.com with any questions regarding registration or HWC programming!

2018-2019 Middle School Wrestling

HASD Middle School wrestling is right around the corner, this program is open to Grades 6-8 students in the Hortonville Area School District.

Parents Meeting date will be released soon, stay tuned.

Practices will be held from, 3:30 - 5:00 PM, Greenville Elementary School, starting on January 7th.

Youth Practice Details

     preK-2nd Grade Practice

  • Practice starts on Wednesday, January 7 2019
  • Practice times are 5:45 to 7:00 PM
  • Practice is every Monday and Wednesday
  • Practice is held in the Hortonville High School Old Gym
  • Please bring clean, non street shoes (keeps the mat clean)
  • Please bring a practice T-shirt with you wrestler's name in Sharpie on the front and back of the shirt
  • Practices will include basic practice flow,  basic wrestling concepts, conditioning, tumbling, team concepts, fun/safe games
  • preK-2nd grade will be coached by Chris Satori, Brian Huza and Doug Ellerman

3rd-5th Grade Practice

  • Practice starts on Monday, December 3, 2018
  • Practice times are 5:45 to 7:15 PM
  • Practice is every Monday and Wednesday
  • Practice is held in the Hortonville High School Wrestling Room (enter via the Fieldhouse)
  • Please bring clean, non street shoes (keeps the mat clean)
  • Practices will include basic and intermediate wrestling concepts, conditioning, fun/safe games
  • 3rd-5th grade will be coached by Chris Gennrich, Tyson Karcheski, Josh Lambie


Mandatory Parents Meeting & Singlet Handout

  • A mandatory parents meeting will be held on the first night of practice for each age group (Dec 3, Jan 7)
  • The meeting will review basics of the Hortonville Wrestling Club, practice expectations, volunteer opportunities and also answer any questions that you might have
  • You can pay any registration fees at this meeting, but please note that we will not be holding on-site registration, you must register at the link above
  • We will also do singlet handout at the end of this meeting.  A $60 deposit check is required to receive a singlet.  The check will be returned or destroyed upon return of the singlet.  The "last chance" singlet handout will be on Wednesday, January 18












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www.wiwrestling.com. The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation (WWF) link on the above website is another source for additional tournaments.
USA cards are usually required at WWF tournaments. Also check out www.trackwrestling.com.

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